In the present times every other business needs to build an effective online presence with huge volumes of targeted visitors, thereby taking their enterprise to an elevated level. A successful digital marketing strategy employs advanced digital marketing channels such as the mobile applications, SMS and social marketing and networking websites for the promotion of their products and services.

Digital marketing has become quintessential in today’s technology driven fast paced lives. Today’s consumers no longer turn to traditional methods of marketing rather prefer looking out for their specific needs across various digital marketing channels.

Customer relationship management is the successful combination of business strategy and technology to acquire and retain loyal customer relationships. CRM is aimed at creating a complete picture of a customer across various digital marketing channels by conducting a multi-dimensional analysis of information collected during every interaction with the customer.

• Digital marketing enables a one -on -one interaction with the customers be it through purchases, live chat support calls, returns or other data collection activities. This multi- dimensional interaction helps in identifying the potential loyal customers and maximizing the product or service investments based upon the customer’s true value to the organization.

• Managing customer relationships across digital marketing channels is important as it helps in the exponential growth of customer revenue and profitability over time. Moreover it helps in establishing customer satisfaction and loyalty. It allows an easy access to all the customer related information and assigned assets that helps in improving the efficiency of the sales and marketing team.

• Research and analysis forms the basis of an effective digital CRM. A marketer should be well aware of the preferences of its customers so that a successful marketing strategy that strikes the right chord could be created. Your marketing goals and objectives could be well assessed through online surveys and social media interactions.

• Right customer engagement strategies can convert target to loyal customers who could be retained longer. To manage customer relationships effectively it is vital to recognize the most profitable digital marketing channel that are used by a large number of customers. These digital marketing channels can be optimized to draw maximum benefits.

• The selected digital marketing activity should be compatible with mobile and hand held devices that large number of consumers use to access the internet. The marketing content should be well aligned with the customers interest as this helps in retaining loyal customers.Try to understand the customers’ mindsets through the customers buying cycles by assessing how ,when and what engages your customers the most at each step of the buying cycle.

Following these tips managing customer relationships across digital marketing channels is fruitful that not only maintains customers’loyalty but also improves the efficiency of the sales and marketing efforts.