Does it need mention that Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world? Wikipedia is often termed as an Online Empire that is purely non-profit. They have a high domain authority and are highly respected by Google. A study in 2007 revealed that their information was nearly as accurate as that of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, proving that their goal for accurate information has been met. The interesting thing is that this great service can be used for SEO and it is fairly simple.

1. Contribute
If you have a niche website, do not consider flooding Wikipedia with your links. You will need to identify articles and areas that your website has content about. For this you will need to do some research yourself and find common content that you can add onto Wikipedia. They accept information that is logical and authentic and if you do provide that, your traffic is going to increase.

2. Find broken links
Broken links or dead links or citation needed are some marketing opportunities where you can add content and drive people to your website. Again, without following the first step do not do this. You have to be in your domain and area of expertise to justify whatever contribution you make. Novelty is still an asset everyone prefers.

A trick to do this is a search query: [keyword] + “dead link”.

3. Discover keywords on Reddit
Millions of people on a single forum discussing a wide array of topics are what you get on Reddit. Suppose you sell handicraft online, a simple search on Reddit will get you to the buzzwords and topics that are upcoming and if you contribute on Wikipedia about that particular buzzword you get an open chance to feature great content.

But there are things that you must know also:

4. All links on Wikipedia are no follow which means that they tell the search engines to not go any further.

5. They do not want you to add direct links that implicate you. So you cannot be obvious and just write a word and add a redirect.

6. The first thing on your mind should be adding content, not traffic.

7. Don’t just add links to your website, you could provide some other credible sources also.

8. No matter what, your goal is to be a neutral contributor not a face of your company.

9. Add links to references, not the body.