A couple of years ago when Live Chat Support on Websites was a spectacle, there were winners by miles in ratings and reviews. Now, the picture has changed. While every Live Chat Support tool today offers features like tracking customer activity and seamless integrations, the real markers of quality and productivity are unclear.

So to speak, this blog post is not a review of the top 5 Live Chat Support tools, but a compilation of them. If you are a large business then it would make more sense to outsource chat support to specific agencies but if you are not that big yet, you could also take up chat support in house with chat agents.

Here’s the list-

1. Zopim: From our experience and the reviews worldwide, Zopim qualifies to be on this list with the excellent features it has to offer. It has a clean and neat design, doesn’t bother users when they visit your website and to top it all, the lite subscription is free. So if you want to try out what it looks like, head over to Zopim and integrate with your website. There are features like translation, Real time dashboard to visualise traffic and an attractive feature rich chat widget.

2. LiveHelpNow: This Live Chat Support tool allows you to monitor customer service metrics in real time and offers real time translation and excellent mobile portability. The pricing starts at $21 p.m. per agent, they also offer a free trial for a period of 30 days.

3. LiveChat (https://www.livechatinc.com/): With not as many features available and no option for a trial mode, Live Chat ranks a fair #3 with its customer base customizable pricing plan. It starts with as low as $16 per user. They let you create agent groups and have an inbuilt work scheduler.

4. Comm100: Once top of the chart, Comm 100 hasn’t been able to catch up of late because of not being able to offer live translation for different user groups. With 15 days of trial, their pricing starts at $29 for a team membership that doesn’t offer third party integrations.

5. Olark: Another cost effective option with plans starting from $15 a month for one agent, they offer customer details and history within chat effectively.