Around 2005,  Varun was toying with an idea, as to how Internet and Communication Technologies can be leveraged, to offer development and growth opportunities to under served communities. This eventually led him to setup Development Logics in 2009.

Since inception, the motivation of Development Logics has been to innovate and create an impact people’s lives with technology. That through the course of time has become the one objective that we aim to achieve everyday.

For us Development as is literally the process of evolution. An evolution which happens over a period time, bringing about a positive change in how people think, associate and live.

Whereas Logics is the art of good reasoning and application of mind. To think of innovative ideas which bring about a positive change and then implementing those.

The whole premise of Development Logics is built over 3 founding pillars of Passion, Mind and Skills.



is a powerful emotion and a driving factor.



brings logic and limitless opportunities.



is what we strive for to do a job.