Why You Need A Social Media Content Calendar

Is digital marketing killing traditional advertising?

Digital marketing can be best described as various forms of digital channels used to promote your brand or business which includes TV, radio and social media on the internet. Digital marketing allows reaching the target audience even in the offline media through mobile apps, sms/mms and even advertising displays across the busy streets. Digital marketing has surely taken over the traditional marketing as it not just grabs the attention of the targeted audience but also compels them to act by drawing them close into the virtual world. Digital advertising displays have taken over the conventional billboards,banners and posters that lack […]

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Social media marketing vs. traditional marketing

With the upgrading of the internet, social media marketing is born which is gradually replacing traditional marketing. Social media marketing, or traditional marketing, which one is better, has always been the heated discussion all around. As it says for itself, traditional marketing is promoting and selling products or services in the real world. Mediums of traditional marketing includes: radio ads, Television ads, newspaper and magazine ads, and print advertising – like pamphlets, billboards, catalogs and sales materials. Traditional marketing is the most noticeable types of marketing, which we see and hear every day. Whereas, Social media marketing is the latest […]

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