Today, we live in a world where having internet access has become as important as any other daily essential. It is not only a source of entertainment but a very essential tool which can help in the process of education, finding jobs, making connections and getting instant knowledge about almost everything. It will not be incorrect to say that the internet has actually connected people. However, there are certain situations where one needs instant internet but because of lack of data pack on their mobile or inaccessibility of internet, they cannot use it. For such situations, our company, Development Logics has always been a pioneer to initiate public Wi-Fi access in Smart City Dharamshala through Vayudoot (our Internet Service Provider).

We have started free Wi-Fi at Municipal Corporation office in the main city, where visitors can access free data during their visit to the office. It will keep the people coming to such government offices engage and they can utilize the waiting time with some meaningful engagement on internet.

Keeping in mind the increased number of internet users who constantly use the web for accessing information regarding nearest eating places, shops, point of interests, emails, online messages and information regarding education and careers, we intend to make internet a medium of communication among the common citizens of the city through free Wi-Fi.

We also offered free Wi-Fi at Dari fair, Dharamshala, where the locals as well as tourists visiting the fair accessed the free internet in the Dari fir ground. Development Logics believes in bringing the rural population up among the internet users and offers special packages to the Common Service Centers aka Lok Mitra Kendras in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. More than 400 rural entrepreneurs participated in such meetings. Apart from that we have always offered our services during major events like Hill Hacks at subsidized rates.