In the past, most of the companies used to waste a lot of time in identifying leads and contacting them via emails, phones and chats. After spotting them the sales team used to wait and hope for them to convert into customers. This was past and if you are still doing this, you are definitely using an inefficient approach. Today, with the rise in digital marketing, it has become a quick and simple task to catch leads. If you want to convert your website traffic into leads, here are the top five efficient tips:


  1. Offer Quality Content: In the digital age, content is the king. If you do not believe it, you must start doing it. With the search engines getting smarter, customers are becoming choosy and if your content is not attractive, the audience will not take a second to turn down the potential business opportunities. Also, they will not share their contact details if they consider your website bogus. Also, if your website lacks attractive images, interesting videos and valuable content, your visitors will immediately shift to some other website.

Having quality content on your website means, creating engaging content by keeping in mind the requirement of your customers. You must keep the content fresh, free from jargons and interesting enough to keep the reader busy. Also, you should definitely have a blog to keep the flow of fresh content active. Another reason for having a blog is that search engines are very fond of new content and regular updates, by keeping a blog you can attract the attention of the search engines and they will reciprocate with better traffic and leads to the website.

  1. Having Conversion Forms on the sites:

If you have conversion forms on your website, it will help in getting more signups for newsletters of the company. People can get more knowledge about your company and you get their valuable contact information, which can be used in converting them into leads for your business.

  1. Offering Calls-to-Action

If you still believe that having a “Contact Us” page will help you in converting website traffic to leads, you are surely following the traditional ways in today’s time. For better and effective results, you must add Calls-to-action (CTA) to your content and make your website content more effective.

  1. Host free Online Webinars:

When it comes to generating leads, webinars are one of the most effective tools. You must host free webinars in order to get maximum attention among the target audience. You must prepare for your webinar weeks before and select a topic which is useful for your potential leads. You must link it up with the landing page of your website and promote the event online through social media, emails and on the company’s blog. Also, send some quick reminders a day before the webinar.

  1. Use videos on the home page of your website: If you don’t know, having visual communication on the home page of a website helps in getting more traffic which means chances of getting more potential leads. Having a video on the home page can help your visitors remember you and spend some time on your website. If they are convinced, they can be your leads.