At Development Logics we welcome talented youngsters, keen on pursuing their internship under our guidance. Here is a recent experience of our intern who is pursuing Journalism and Mass Communications from Central University of Himachal Pradesh.

“They say that if you want something to be done well, do it yourself. So, I follow this wise saying and would like to introduce myself”

New place, new experience! 

I was excited for a one-month internship of my master’s studies. For that, I toddle every stone on my way and finally, the name came. It was Development Logics. I was buzzing around with excitement. I met with Varun the owner of Development Logics he guided me to Shivee the content writer and social media consultant of Development Logics. I never thought of bliss of learning in a software company.

I started with the tips from my mentor about what I would be doing in my internship.

The things which I learned here:

  • Content Writing for blogs and social media
  • Making blog and using WordPress
  • Creating and using Fb fan page
  • Creating social media images on Canva
  • Publishing and making followers at Google+
  • How to research before interview
  • How to take interviews
  • Recording vice on Audioboo
  • Sorting things to remember by using Evernote
  • Learning Canva animations
  • Getting connecting to team by using Slack
  • Using the social media platform of Pinterest
  • Link building and link exchange of blogs

“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trade mark”

I had a memorable experience in Development Logics, which I will be cherishing through out my life. From day one, I learned a lot from Development Logics. Be it maintaining my own blog or helping my mentor in her daily updates or learning new activities, it was al together a journey of motivation and a learning experience that I will always remember. Apart from the internship program, I made some new friends with some learning they provided me. I also met Srijan who is organizing TEDx Dharamshala this year and interactions with him gave me a lot of knowledge. I am not saying these things because I did my internship here but because actually, the things are in that way only. The office members here are very friendly. A positive vibe comes when you enter the office seeing everyone having a smile on their face. I never got bored here with the work some office members like Kamal, Savan and Jyoti used to crack jokes on each other. I think these are the heart beats of Development Logics. I can clearly see the true bond between the office members.  Here to add exciting punch to the regular lunch time conversations, Development Logics have a Potluck Friday lunch every month, the Birthday celebration finishes on an amazing note. I was lucky to be part of one of the celebrations. They regularly organize events. This one month was full of learning and fun.

I would like to thank you all for this amazing experience. Specially Varun Rattan Singh and my Mentor Shivee for providing me new vistas of the outside-classroom-learning experience and giving me the immense knowledge they have. Also, I learned through distance mode sometimes as my mentor used to give me instructions online. In the beginning I used to be perplexed because it was new for me to understand things online, however after few days I was really comfortable and I learned many things from her through messengers. These days technology is dominating everything and it has become easy to stay connected no matter if you are physically at the same place or not. My mentor would always say, “Let distance not make a hurdle in the process of learning.” Internet bridges the gap regarding it and I flawlessly learned through her commands online. It was a true learning experience and the company’s philosophy, “Development Logics is motivated to innovate and create an impact in people’s lives with technology”, fits best and they are truly making an impact by using technology.


About the Intern:

Abhishek Thakur AKS Abhi was born in the palms of Dhauladhar Mountains, he currently live in Narwana (Dharamshala) and belongs to Bhoor, District Mandi (H.P). He is a self-driven and self-motivated student, currently, pursuing his Master degree in New Media Communications from The Central University of Himachal Pradesh.