Helping Hand Activity at Development Logics

Since childhood, we are told that, one should develop an attitude of gratitude. Saying thank you for everything that comes your way is a good way of walking down the road of life. One should always remember that the feeling of being thankful helps in the journey of achieving goals and making the situations of life better, each day.

Showing gratitude is a simple etiquette which takes a few seconds, takes no efforts and comes free of cost. However, it shows your behavior towards other and helps in making a pleasant personality. It is quiet common when we thank people for giving us gifts, wishing us on various occasions and assistance, but have you ever thanked people for being nice and offering helping hand in office? If no, you should do that often. Keeping the good bits of showing gratitude and how it can make office environment healthy and away from grapevine, we at Development Logics started an interesting activity in our office. The motive of the activity was to recognize and reward team members for offering a helping hand to the rest of the family in the office.

So, this is what we did:

We asked our team members to acknowledge any help they receive from any other member in the office (personal and/or professional) in a given format, and drop in to the designated box along with the “Thank You” notes.

The entire team of Development Logics participated in the activity by writing “Thank You” notes for each and every help they received from their teammates.

Here are few interesting Thank You notes:


Nivedita Rana was the winner of the activity. Congratulations Nivedita for offering your helping hand. We appreciate your kindness and here’s a small gift for you!