When traditions hold a special place at DL

The first festival of the year, Makar Sankranti and the majority of the staff members were away from their families. The best part about Development Logics is that does not let the enthusiasm of any festivity fade away.

Being away from family was not felt much as the day was celebrated by enjoying the local dish “Khichdi”.

The credits for preparation of the delicacy goes to the combined efforts of few members of the DL team. All the staff members sat together and enjoyed the Khichdi to celebrate the occasion. This activity was a clear reflection of the strength of DL Family as “the family that eats together stays together”!

Below are few glimpses of the preperation and celebrations at DL!

Khichdi at DL

Sunil setting up the burner for cooking.

The first step towards the beginning of celebrations.

Khichdi at DL

Preparing the ingredients of the delicacy.

Khichdi at DL

It was the flavour of this smile and love which added to the taste of “Khichdi”.

This is how an output of 100% input looks like.

Khichdi being served to the DL family.

Look at the smiling faces.

Food is happiness!

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