Industrial visit by students of GSSS Dari

Last week, the students from Govt. Senior Secondary School Dari made an industrial visit at our office, Development Logics.

The purpose of the visit was to add value to the method of learning to IT students of class 8 to 11.



Students gained the first hand information related to how real works happen in the IT industry. Our team helped them in understanding the knowledge and working process of BPO, Chat Live Agents in Dharamshala and how we deliver internet services through Vayudoot Internet in and around Dharamshala.



We also delivered them brief and crisp lessons regarding radio physics and org structure. Later the students experienced how we operate through our office. After the lectures the students met our team members and asked questions regarding their doubts regarding science and technology.



At Development Logics we believe that education through the medium of textbooks and lectures is not ample enough to provide holistic knowledge. Practical knowledge is a must for better understanding of how things happen in IT companies. We encourage the active learning experiences of students through such activities.