Life at DL

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”
~ Edmund Hillary

We work on new ideas

There is fun in experimenting and that is what we do. We like to involve ourselves in projects that are new and we try to shape them to the client’s needs efficiently. We strive to be innovative and real rather than doing the traditional way of things. We foster the can-do attitude among all we touch.


We encourage self preservation

We don’t expect you to go through pain for that. The basic chores that need to be done by an individual will have to be done by you. You get a mug of coffee, have the coffee and wash the mug and put it away. These small little things help us feel closer to ourselves than  to the devices we operate on.


You are your own boss

We don’t follow the yes boss! Have it on my desk , Meet me in my cabin jingles here. We try to work as a team as equals to finish a task and then cherish its accomplishment. We are driven by the motive and the philosophy of the company and the client’s needs.

Transparency and recognition

We sit on the foundations of honesty and openness to our employees and clients, which makes us value our integrity and the work that we do. We encourage feedbacks from the clients and our employees to grow better. We encourage the feelings of accountability,recognition and a sense of responsibility among our employees.


We let you call in sick

We at DLS believe to have a healthy relationship with all our employees that is based on trust and acceptance. We focus on goals and targets more and we understand when an employ is not well that he needs his rest.