Getting hired

While we are growing, we are still not at a stage where we are hiring people in hordes. We currently hire in 1 and 2’s. This gives us an opportunity to meet at least 10 candidates before we finalise someone for a position.

Usually we prefer locals or people who are willing to move to Dharamshala for good. This helps us in keeping a low attrition rate.

Besides, we don’t see ourselves as a company which offers a “Career move”. We are not the one’s which will offer an increment over salaries being given in Delhi or Bangalore. Working in Dharamshala is about a “Life move”.

By “Live move” we mean, willingness to move away from an urban jungle to a workplace which is closer to nature. People sick and tired of traffic snarls, electricity cuts and purposeless life living amongst unknown strangers are  a perfect fit at our work place.

We also don’t care about seniority and age. As long as you are willing to wash your own chai cups and ready to share your knowledge and expertise without any ego-trips, you  will enjoy every single moment of working with us.