Internet services

Connecting remote communities, bridging the digital divide.

Today, Internet is playing a pivotal role in creating opportunities which did not exist just a decade ago. Now one can imagine large scale organizations, with highly skilled talent spread globally. We believe that good quality, high speed Internet infrastructure can help us realize our dream of creating livelihood opportunities in remote mountain communities.

This led us to lay emphasis in creating a robust last mile wireless network infrastructure which not only connects our delivery centers to the Internet, but gives opportunity to other businesses and entrepreneurs, reach out to the world with their products and services.

In about year’s time, Vayudoot, our Internet Services initiative has covered roughly 2500 square kilometers of area, covering towns and rural areas around Dharmashala, Mcleodgunj, Kangra, Nagrota and Shahpur.  More than 200 businesses, use our network infrastructure everyday, creating business opportunities in Tourism, Information Technology, Financial, Education, Healthcare and Public Service domains.