If a picture says a thousand words then the video says millions.

Presently, the best advertising and marketing medium is through social media channels and out of all, YouTube’s potentiality is endless. YouTube is standing at the first place, beating out other social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

According to a survey, it has been observed that more than 1 billion unique monthly users are now using the YouTube to watch, upload and share videos. As a part of good marketing strategy, brands should consider them to be on YouTube.

However, YouTube is proving itself to be a necessary and lucrative addition to marketing strategies.

Below we will explore few of the reasons why your brand needs to be on YouTube:

  1. YouTube is topmost social networking site for marketers: YouTube holds the topmost position among social channels for marketers in 2015. It is observed that more than a million advertisers are using this platform. Therefore, using YouTube for advertising your product will surely prove itself to be a boon.
  2. YouTube drive sales: It is believed by many marketers that video is useful only for increasing engagement, they don’t have any idea that YouTube videos can also generate sales and revenue. According to Adobe’s Social Intelligence Report, “the average revenue per visit (RPV) from YouTube is $.70”.
  3. YouTube is a platform for brand awareness: A customized banner and videos can be added at the top of your channel’s homepage. Another thing which can be done is the linking of this banner with image maps to your Facebook, Twitter, etc. In terms of video, you can actually make your customers understand your business better, which further drives traffic and increases brand presence across social media platforms.
  4. Increased revenue by YouTube video: Income can be generated by brands through ad revenue sharing for “in- video” ads and other ads. These ads are positioned along the right-hand side of the video and they work in conjunction with a Google AdSense account. Revenue can further be generated by way of leads and conversions that come in through quality branded channel. If the content you’ve provided is of value and solves a problem it will drive high traffic and increase in onsite conversions can be seen. Finally, depending on your product, industry, and service offering,
    you can also rent your videos.
  5. Ranking in the search engine results: A standard Google search is likely to produce a variety of content types, like shopping results, videos, images, maps, etc. And this is known as Universal Search. According to research from Searchmetrics, video holds a terrific share of universal search results than any other medium. It is also found that YouTube videos extremely surpassed other video results.
  6. Video watchers are more likely to make a purchase than non-video watchers: According to Video Commerce Benchmarks report, “Online shoppers who viewed videos were 1.6x more likely to make a purchase than shoppers who did not.”