Live chat which was earlier utilized only as a personal communication tool is now-a-days being used as a powerful yet economical real-time business communication tool that enhances your online brand value. But a valid question that arises is that why choosing live chat support for your online business over conventional methods of marketing communication.

It is a well-known fact that a major chunk of product buyers is constituted by online shoppers who opt for the non-conventional mode of online shopping for its convenience and timely delivery of the products at their doorstep. Today’s buyer also likes to get their product related issues addressed at a lightning speed.

A decade ago, businesses relied only on the conventional modes of e-mail and IVRS for business interaction with their customers. Voice help and email support could not provide the requisite measures for the instant resolution of product related customer issues and queries which seriously affected the brand value of the product or service.

It became a pre-requisite for online businesses to provide an efficient and real-time customer service for maintaining an effective online presence. But in the present times various technological innovations and high speed internet connectivity, live chat support over voice or live chat over email support is the preferred choice for business owners and service providers.

Live chat support over voice enables the business owners to address the grievances of customers instantly that can prevent further aggravation of customer problems and help in building customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is also an effective way to collect a quick feedback about your products and services from the customers and enhance advanced product development.

Live chat support over email has its unique advantages as the customer’s live and direct interaction with the chat agent can guide them to the relevant information given on the website that can be an answer to their query. Various interactive features of live chat such as co-browsing, PushURL and screen sharing enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

Live chat support also serves as a cost-effective option as the chat interactions are much less costlier than voice based interactions. A single chat agent is able to handle multiple customers through multiple chats at a single time thus enabling maximum conversion of leads to customers and thereby increasing sales.

So as to leverage the true potential of various internet marketing initiatives, it becomes imperative to outsource live chat to external agencies that provide off hours chat support and considerably lowers customer waiting time and helps retain loyal customers.

It is important to get live chat support services as it substantially cuts down overhead costs of employing graveyard shift employees and also new technology equipment’s for handling back office operations. It is a boon in disguise for the marketing team to concentrate effectively on the marketing front rather than resolving back office operation issues.