If you are handling social media of your company, you must know that getting LinkedIn engagements is not only tough but sometimes it makes you feel really bad because of the low response. So, here is a short guide for those who are struggling to get noticed on LinkedIn. Scroll down and check out the top 5 tips on improving your LinkedIn engagements:

Share text posts: Yes, you read it right. This is because, other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter get more likes and shares on video and image posts, however this is totally different on LinkedIn. Interesting and crisp text posts on LinkedIn get better engagement. You can write a text post of 250 words on LinkedIN and if the text content is more than 250 words you can publish an article on the in-built blogging platform on LinkedIn.

Like your own posts and comments: This is a secret tactic used by many social media experts. When you hit like on your own post or comment, the engagement on the post increases, it is helpful.

Make engagements with comments: Pay attention to each and every comment you receive. Like the comments on your post and make engagements. It is a great way to start a discussion.

Keep your updates public:  Make sure your status updates are available to the people on LinkedIn by keeping it visible for public. It will help you reach the public and your content will be available for them to read.

Keep a record of your posts: In order to keep a record of your posts you have to track the engagement of the posts. Check the activity section for tracking the posts and comments and never forget to reply the comments and engage yourself with positive and valuable conversations.