I would like to start today’s post with a reference to a poll that appeared on ‘Smart Insights’ about a public question, “Which single digital marketing technique do you think will make the biggest commercial impact for you in 2015?” And why I make this strange reference is again fairly simple: the winner is my previous blog post’s subject: Content Marketing.

With Big Data landing second, there has been certain confusion as to the real standing of this parameter. Big Data has definitely been the big thing for a lot of time, but its popularity has been decreasing for a while now. The increased sway proves that people should be looking at the analytics wing of their business. Anyway, deducing from these and a lot more I have come down to a few trends that will shape up the market offline as well online being digitally aided over 2015 and through 2016:


1. Social Media: Social Media started off weirdly well. Companies create pages, select a target group, serve them ads and product updates on pages and they were good to go. This trend has been changing over the last two years and this very reason has made them loose followers and fans. People like human touch now and without the element of human touch, they don’t want to buy your product. Take a very simple example of Flipkart. People post their complaints even on Facebook today. However that is not the proper channel to do it, companies make sure they take care of a troubled customer and this in turn increases their good-will.

2. Right Content Generation: You could follow the old school approach of writing blog posts, Facebook status and Tweets about your product but it has been confirmed to not work anymore. People want content stories now. Let’s again take an example here. You sell Musical Instruments; your stories could range from how an instrument is made to successful musicians. You could document traditional instruments that people don’t use now or new innovative ones. All this will now get people to talk about you and also to get glued to whatever platform you post on.

3. Analytics: Needless to say, analytics has become crucial today. To have a narrowed down possible future client list is better than hefty figures with low probability. It is the simple investment to output ratio. How is it going to change in 2015? Well, with people becoming selective and newer technologies coming up that help you analyse your reach, the scenario will change.

4. Integrations: As the big social media horizons converge, integrations have also come into the limelight. Something like SEO + Social Media + Analytics + Optimizations. Now things like Raven Tools allow this stuff. If you create content and at the source itself if you are able to map it properly with good SEO and then get analytics about it again at that one place and reach all networks too from that same place. This place can be the right integrated approach for you.

Having said all that, 2015 like any other year is also pretty much going to be about good content and apt delivery. There could be big terms flowing in from here and there but there are certain traditional approaches that win by miles.