The power of social media is well known and if we use it smartly, we can create many opportunities through our social media connections. When it comes to investing on social media, it is an expensive affair, time-wise. So, make the best productivity on social media without wasting any time by trying these simple and easy tips.

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  1. Pick your social media platforms wisely: Avoid making the mistake of trying many different social media platforms and ending up doing nothing meaningful. Instead, pick two which you think can make an impact. Identify your potential clients and start creating social media campaigns based on their social media behavior.
  2. Add value to your social media pictures and content: After identifying your target audience and social media platform the nest important thing is to focus on content and images to be used. You must creative meaningful and valuable content to your social media, so that your audience shows interest in your campaigns.
  3. Select a specific time and post your content accordingly: After you are done with the content, you should decide on the number of posts you want to share and when. Be it posting everyday or weekly, make a regular pattern and post accordingly. You can schedule your posts according to the time zone and social media timings of your fans. It will help you if you cannot be online according to the time zone of your audience.
  4. Make a to-do list for your social media postings: Making a to-do list will help you in creating posts, making creative images and scheduling posts etc. You can curate the list and batch the task accordingly. So that you do everything in one single go and possibly a week before publishing the posts. It will save your time if you have got the things to do ready in advance.
  5. Select a day to make engagements on social media: It can be any day of the week when you can make engagements like replying all the comments, replying direct messages and re-tweeting, liking or sharing stuff. Instead of checking your smart phone or laptop every single minute for comments and likes, you must do it once in a week and make it worthwhile.