Your customer is the real king. Techno savvy customers who like to buy on the go do not settle for anything less than a great customer experience. It seems no longer enough to simply cater to the basic product needs of your customers but also create memorable customer experience that helps in establishing customer loyalty and promoting brand advocacy.

Memorable customer interactions take place through a range of channels such as in person, over telephonic chats, email chats and also on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter which are now turning into popular digital marketing platforms that establish brand credibility among their customers.

Customer experience is scalable and can be managed effectively across various interaction channels so as to improve your relationship with your customers. A great customer experience should be easily understood and implemented by all your employees. Customer satisfaction is a company wide effort involving all the levels in an organization.
Consider relaxing various employee constraints and redefine the customer experience guidelines so that your employees understand and focus on creating customer satisfaction rather than focusing on sales conversions alone.

Prompt and engaging customer support is the key to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Create 24×7 chat channels for your customers through back end and outsourcing live chat support operations so that your customer support executives are just a click or a phone call away. It is a pre-requisite to address the emotional needs of your customers so as to improve their customer experience.

Be direct and ask your customers as to what your organization can do to improve their experience. Your social media presence is the mirror image of your online business. Create and share engaging posts, questionnaires and customer testimonials and feedback channels on your social media platforms that offer a unique customer experience and help you respond to the emotional needs of your customers.

Test launch your new business initiatives by asking your customers to test drive your approach and providing feedback that will help you in avoiding undue expenses of a false start that do not actually resonate with the customers. Offer incentives and freebies to your customers for their opinions in surveys and focus groups which in turn leads to happy customers.

Even your own website should be prepared enough to offer a unique and engaging experience to its visitors. Responsive web design is the utmost factor for a user-friendly interface and higher customer retention. Easily accessible and highly downloadable websites that provide up to date product information with easy live chat options have higher traffic and conversion rates subsequently.

Many a tools are available that measure your customer experience and provide the ability to refine your user experience and gain new insights. Creating a highly engaging user experience through various platforms not just leads to better customer relationships but also develop brand promoters through your existing customers that helps you increase your sales and business leads.