With a significant consumer shift from traditional to digital media, internet marketing has become a pre- requisite for small businesses and also start ups. Internet plays a significant role in the shift of shopping medium as more and more customers today have smart phones that help them indulge in online shopping for their desired products and services.

Shopping for anything and everything is just a click away with a variety of options available online to choose from. Type your desired product and service in any of the search engines and all you get is a plethora of options to choose from. Creating your individual brand entity online becomes important especially for start ups as an overabundance of credible services to look and choose from are available to the consumers.

There are different free marketing tools available for managing different aspects of digital marketing important for new start ups which are still striving to create their unique searchable online presence.


1.) Reviewing the latest industrial developments



Google Alerts is the best alternative for reviewing your brand mentions ,mentions about your competitor brands by entering keywords. It helps you stay updated about the latest industrial developments in your niche industry or sector and develop your marketing strategies accordingly.




Feedly is another popular tool useful in organizing all your favorite news feed from a variety of sources in one place and allows easy customization and sharing with others.


2.) Managing updates on various social media platforms


Hoot suite is perhaps the most popular tool for posting and reviewing social media updates conversations and messages across various social media platforms and acting proactively while designing your social media marketing strategy. This can also be used as a personal social media management tool. This tool measures your social media campaigns and then improves ROI by doing what works. offers a free 30 days trial.


Sprout social is another popular social media management tool that monitors community conversations, responding to customer queries and resolving issues across networks. This tool helps in managing the whole social media portfolio and increases the ROI on social media. This tool also offers a free 30 days trial like other popular tools.


3.) Understanding customer search behavior

Customer search behavior is the most important factor in driving sales and lead conversions. It is significantly important while developing SEO strategies and creating content that meets the customers’ requirements. The Google Keyword Planner tool is one such indispensable tool to serve this purpose. Google trends is an effective tool for seasonal search behavior trends in various countries.


4.) Off Page Backlink Analysis for SEO



Back Link Analysis is important to benchmark your own site’s SEO status and that of your competitors so as to track your online performance by partnering with other sites. Majestic and MOZ Open Site Explorer are the must use tools for off page back link analysis.


5.) On-Page Markup Analysis for SEO


Hubspot Marketing Grader is a useful tool for on page markup analysis for SEO.This tool analyses your marketing effectiveness by evaluating factors such as website,social media activity ,mobile responsiveness,blogging activity and also your e –mail marketing and figure out your next marketing steps.




Quicksprout website analyser tool gives valuable free insights about the webpage’s performance and the weak areas of your website that need SEO related attention. A full website report is available by paying the fee amount.