E- mail marketing constitutes an important component of a successful internet marketing strategy as an internet survey suggests that around 75% of the consumers prefer receiving direct promotions about various products and services through e-mail. Direct marketing seems to capture the attention of the consumer for a longer time duration which retains the product in their memory longer.

In the age of rapid social media marketing, e –mail marketing is still the preferred choice for marketers as it has been the most familiar tool for business communication which allow the consumer to read the message at their own leisure without any demands for an immediate response.

What still sets e-mail marketing apart from the other internet marketing tools is its ease for visual creativity that instantly grabs the attention of the consumer. E-mail response rates can be improved by identifying the niche markets and personalizing the marketing messages. It can also be clubbed with telemarketing, Opt in e-mail and /or SMS Campaign which help leverage its true potential.

Predictions for future E-mail marketing suggests that this form of marketing is here to stay as e-mail marketers have not started integrating it with the social media. Google buzz that integrates videos and photos linked with real-time communication is already the buzz in the town as it helps easy sharing of personal data with the contacts of your e-mail.

In the upcoming years the future trends in e-mail marketing would require investing in these newly integrated e-mail based applications that may help generate new possible leads. The future trends in e-mail marketing may involve choosing a niche for your e-mail marketing based upon the keywords that the buyers in your niche market use while searching for the information in search engines.

Google hot trend is the right place to search for relevant information about your niche market which may be helpful in deciding upon your e-mail marketing strategy. Adding relevant keywords to your e-mail increases the likelihood of your e-mail going viral and finding newsletters on your website.

Using e-mailers for content marketing is one of the future trends in e-mail marketing. E-mailers would be used as content delivery tool that may drive conversions by solving customer problems and discussing industry breakthroughs in the first place. Once the trust is build up email marketing can be effectively used as content delivery tool .

Value added content such as product brochures,case studies can be attached with e-mailers that may drive prospective clients to website landing pages. Integarting emailers with business related content makes it easier for the clients to access and act on the published information. E-mail marketing is all about personalizing the message for the user’s benefits and not just providing the selling information so as to build up the trust and loyalty of the prospective clients.