The best Content marketing tools you can use

Content is King, it has been and it is going to be. Is content marketing not important then? No, it is important because content marketing is about creating the right content and delivering to the target audience. We are not doing this post about any non-tested or just known tools. These are tools that we have tried and some of them we still use; tools from the personal perspective and industry needs and standards as well. So here is the list:

1. Organisation
Trello is our loved content idea board, calendar, scheduler and a compact organiser. To stay a week ahead in the background is around the right timeline and Trello helps you do that efficiently. The signup is easy, content management is even easier and assigning work is a simple drag and drop. It is like a literal board where you can write, erase and write again.

2. Blogging
This is a hot one. People have their own views about which one is the perfect tool. According to us and the one that we use also, WordPress  has been more than a tool. It offers great flexibility to writing and coding your own plugins as well. Apart from being just flexible it is highly robust and fast.

3. Distribution
Content, Analytics, Scheduling and Multi Account support, it all lies under the umbrella of Buffer. Initially while blogging and while sharing any content, the right kind of analysis is required. Buffer offers this service to find out the correct delivery strategy and to customize it according to the business need.

4. Image Creation
Well there is nothing like pro-made graphic. However not every time will you be able to find a pro to do the images for you. So you need certain tools and we have two favorites here: & You can create your own templates or use the basic ones available. Tweak them up a little and your image is ready.

5. Emailing
Email marketing is not dead and it is not going to be for a very long time. It is important to have RSS campaigns and weekly or daily digests. Sending bulk emails (not spam) is also a prominently used content marketing tool and very efficient also. One of the most famous tools to facilitate this whole process is MailChimp.

6. Analytics
No Marketing is complete without knowing how’d it go. The most used and trusted analytics tool out there is Google Analytics and it gives you all the needed information about what’s going north and what’s going south about the blog and overall content of your web pages. It offers you live statistics, referrals and referees in a single space with graphs and statistics that can paint your reach efficiently.