Technology in dairy sector is playing a huge role in producing high yields and it is making cows happy and healthier. Be it boosting the production of milk or monitoring the herds by embracing the digital trends dairy farmers are making a great business throughout the world.

However, in India, it is expected that digitalization will cover the most complex regions of dairy farming to offer seamless profits by overcoming the Indian dairy business difficulties and framework.

According to Dr. Jeffrey Bewley, Assistant Professor at University of Kentucky and expert in precision dairy farming,

“The biggest challenge is learning how to interpret the data. There is always a learning curve. The next biggest challenge is recognizing that the technology itself may not fix the problem, but rather tell you where the problem is. A management intervention or change may be required after an event is observed to reap the benefits of the technology.”

If India overcomes this challenge, the future of dairy farming with the help of technology is quite bright.

Government is encouraging dairy farmers to use technology in their process and to make digital environment the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) launched a mobile app, ‘Pashu Poshan’, to educate the dairy farmers about balanced diet for the cows and buffaloes.

In 2015, Hydroponics, Kenya, founder Peter Chege, made it possible for the dairy farmers to grow the cattle feed in just 7 days, that too without soil. If such technology is applied in India, the Dairy Farming can get a boost.

Param Singh, Founder of EduTech startup UDAY has come up with Project Moo which will help the Indian Dairy farmers with the three step solution:

  • Going into rural communities through fully equipped mobile vans,
  • Leveraging data analytics through an app to offer demand-led-extension training to farmers (specialized training via Bootcamps),
  • Developing rural youth and women as village entrepreneurs.

Currently, under Project Moo, team UDAY is training 10,000 of dairy farmers of three districts and 337 villages in Punjab and by 2021 it aspires to spread its wings in other states of India including Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

Meanwhile, there are some amazing gadgets used by some dairy farmers across the world, for making a profitable business:

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Robotic Cow Milking Equipment: Apart from being a convenient and easy gadget for milking, Robotic cow milking equipment has many advantages over the traditional way of milking. As per the dairy experts, the Robotic cow milking equipment is one of the best gadgets for dairy farming because the process of milking is precise and monotonous. It requires same way of milking at the same time every day. If done by using a gadget, the process becomes seamless and the quality standards are met. There are systems in which a collar is hung around the neck of the cows. This collar has sensors which give information regarding the level of milk production and if the cow is already milked. It also gives information regarding the health of the cow. Moreover, cows are more comfortable with the robotic system and the production of milk is more with the robotic systems.

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Swinging cow brush: Cows love the swinging brush. However, this gadget is almost a decade old but it is one of the most loved gadgets among cows. The rotation of brush and the movements make cow happy and they love to get their body brushed up. It stimulated blood circulation and helps in keeping the cows stress free and healthy.

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Drone Technology: The use of Drone technology in dairy sector is rising these days. It helps in monitoring the herd and the land. It helps the farm owners in keeping a check on the activities of the entire farm. One can respond to the emergencies immediately without wasting any time.

Face recognition technology for cows: Yes, you read it right! There is computerized dairy farming technology available for farmers where they can identify their herd with the help of cameras with face recognition system. It helps in situations where a particular cow is having symptoms of disease and the farmer will know exactly which one is ill and respond immediately.

Applications for selling milk: There are apps available for dairy farmers where they can sell milk and manage all of their data related to the business. It helps in managing the business and finding if there are any loopholes.

Some Mobile Apps for Dairy Farming:

Dairy Husbandry Practices: This App offers the comprehensive information towards the beneficial practices related to dairy husbandry practices along with the essential knowledge of dairying related to:

  • Cattle Farm Management
  • Day to Day income and expenses report
  • Daily cattle wise milk yield report
  • Cattle data storage
  • Alerts for cattle health activity

Live Stock Care:

Live Stock Care is a multi-lingual Mobile Application related to Dairy Farming which offers a complete knowledge of general diseases, tips & suggestions related to the farm animals. It also gives an insight to the details about the symptoms of diseases and how to take precautions if an animal is sick.

The Dairy App:

For dairy related updates and news, The Dairy App is perfect. It also offers the market related information by giving the collective data of Milk with global trade numbers. For people in dairy farming it serves great knowledge to boost the business.


For nutritional related information regarding cattle, Grass2Milk is a well made application. It allows the dairy farmers to know if they are giving proper diet to their herd in order to reach the product related goals. It also helps in planning the feed per day.