SEO and PPC : better together

We all understand the individual benefits of SEO and PPC but combining the efforts of both make them better together. PPC and SEO both boosts traffic to your website. You have to pay for PPC advertising while you can generate traffic for free by achieving high ranking on SERPs through SEO. For this you need to follow best SEO practices. SEO is a time taking process while PPC generates instant results.

PPC and SEO are different in many ways. SEO gives your long term value while PPC delievers instant results. Using SEO and PPC together can deliver better results.

Let’s find out how SEO and PPC can deliver better results if used together:

SEO and PPC efforts add great exposure on search engine result pages. Website owners want to reduce PPC efforts once they get top ranking through SEO but they forget that the first 3 results that are shown on search engines are PPC ads. Top ranking on search and paid results will boost your website traffic.

Using converted PPC keywords to enhance your SEO plan is the best way to market your products. PPC report can be used to identify the important keywords and similarly we can use organic report to find valuable keywords for PPC campaign.

With PPC advertising it is easier to figure out instantly which keywords your customers are using to find your service. To get the most beneficial results it is better to invest in both SEO and PPC.

PPC ads are a great way of refining your organic keyword and content strategy. You can get a good idea of creating title tags, meta descriptions and content for your website pages by understanding which PPC ads deliver the most conversions. Higher performing PPC ad text is a good point for meta description tags.

Running SEO & AdWords campaign in parallel is beneficial because you as a website owner can receive immediate results.