Digital marketing is the buzzword in the present internet marketing scenario where the seller needs to create a huge instantaneous impact on their consumers. Large numbers of corporate organizations are focusing on this form marketing now-a-days to reach its internet using consumers scattered across the globe.

Digital marketing is the easiest way to create online brand awareness and increase ROI by providing comprehensive information about your product instantly. To leverage the true potential of digital marketing it becomes imperative to conduct a real-time analytics of the available website data that gives deep business insights for the fulfillment of potential business opportunities.

Real–time analytics of large data helps in better decision making by streamlining various digital marketing activities and performing advanced multi-channel analytics. These analytical activities help in targeting the right customers who have shown interest in your products and services but yet not made any purchases.

Real-time analytics give meaningful insights about how your existing and potential consumers interact with your various web properties such as your desktop or mobile website or mobile apps. How easily do they get the desired information with a minimum number of clicks. It basically decides how an enterprise can retain its loyal customers who turn up every time to make purchases.

Real time analytics is helpful in personalizing interactions with the customers so that the content offered to them is timely and relevant to their needs. It is helpful in strategizing digital marketing initiatives and in improving the effectiveness of multi channel marketing spend and enhance site performance so as to acquire profitable customers.

Success strategies for digital marketing include understanding of your mobile app users as a fairly huge percentage of internet users access the web through their phones and also prefer making purchases through the mobile apps which are user friendly and convenient.

Real –time analytics monitors the traffic to your website evaluating unique and returning visitors. It is helpful in the derivation of success results from new marketing campaigns essential for a higher ROI. It is even helpful in predicting the demographics of the users showing which geographical region houses your target audience.

Small start up enterprises whether product or service based use real-time analytics for the assessment of actual conversions of their site visitors to buyers for their products and services. This could be well achieved by simply measuring their “likes, request for relevant product related information or downloading an App or Whitepaper.

Business entrepreneurs use the free version of Google analytics in the accurate assessment of website content, web pages that convert visitors to leads, keywords performance as compared to the competitors, Demographics of the website visitors and their actual interests and engagement with your website.

Real time analytics help websites to earn revenues through visitors. One can use Google Adsense and generate revenues when the visitors click the ads that get published through Google Ad words in your website. Once an accurate business insight is obtained through real-time analytics it becomes easier to drive the right digital marketing initiatives.

The business of real–time analytics online marketing is progressing as a large number of digital marketing agencies and service vendors in business intelligence market have cropped up. These business analytics and software service providers offer innovative solutions that help the customers in improving site performance and deliver business value through better decision making power.