The advent of smart phones and tablets has led to an increase in the number of mobile phone users who  use internet on the go. Particularly, a  huge proportion of internet users is constituted by mobile users only. Ongoing studies indicate that the presence of search friendly mobile websites has become a pre-requisite for the online visibility .

Mobile SEO has become crucial for the online success of an enterprise as mobile communication continues to grow. Recent reports on internet searches suggest that an increasing number of searches come from mobile devices. This verifies the need for optimizing your website content for mobile search, as optimizing for mobiles may help you reach out more potential customers.

Apart from the layout design of your mobile website, search engines also consider mobile bounce rate that determines organic traffic to your mobile website. In simpler terms, if the visitors are not provided with the exact information, they are more likely to bounce away from their entry point on the mobile website that potentially hurts the mobile SEO ranking for the website.

Mobile SEO has become the best moderator of online businesses  as the mobile websites that are not search engine friendly loose considerable number of online customers. While designing the mobile SEO strategy it should be kept in mind that mobile users like to perform location based searches and easily access smaller set of information.

Mobile SEO strategy should be designed to attract a huge mobile audience. In short, mobile SEO success depends upon the extent of fulfilling user requirements and creating a unique user friendly browsing experience. A mobile SEO expert should be able to recognize target mobile audience for the products and services and offer responsive website designs with dynamic content.

An effective mobile SEO marketing requires optimizing your regular website for relevant content, faster navigation and downloading and also providing precise business and contact information. There should be minimum usage of graphics and images that slows down navigation .Various add on features such as click to buy, call or e-mail provide ease of placing orders ,ensuring maximum visitors converting to buyers.

It is always a great idea for mobile SEO marketing to link your mobile version website to your social media pages as a majority of smart phone users access social media sites through their phones. If you’re a business owner and have not implemented mobile SEO strategies as yet its high time. This not only increases your brand visibility but also boosts up your sales.