Live Chat is growing as a need for Customer Relationship and Management these days. It is an impeccable tool that does not need much but does wonders to your sales at the same time. However often in the process, live chat agents make certain mistakes that leave the customers in a fix and some I’ve even heard them say that the live chat agents are exaggerating the problem itself that they have been employed to take care of.

Here are certain tips to make live chat effective.

  1. Do not let them feel that they are talking to a Machine
    Ofcourse you will use automated messages and texts but while talking to a customer  please also make sure that you are not using pre-saved texts which can make the user feel as if live chat is yet another hoax.
  1. Keep asking yourself, Are you ready?
    Soft Skills and Good Language, be it any is a very important part. But it is always better to know about a product than to find out the FAQ and then answer a query. The purpose of your sitting as the live chat agent is to be able to be an expert about the product or service that you are offering. So whenever it is that you are going live, you must ask yourself first, do you know about these products and services thoroughly, are you ready? If the answer is no, roll back.
  1. Platform Ease
    As an employer, you must train all live chat agents on the platform that you are going to be using and as a live chat agent you should be well versed with the technology and terminology of the platform. How it malfunctions, what are the hotkeys, shortcuts should all be there handy with you all the while.
  1. Ask colleagues for Mock Chats
    Chats, not asked for and done but at random. This could be an exercise all live chat agents could do among themselves or request outsiders to do and then request for feedback. This will help in setting a baseline and identifying key areas that can be looked into more than the others while on the job.
  1. Do some analytics yourself
    With experience you will begin to understand as to what the customers are generally asking. Sit with your team or if you have been outsourced to, then your client about the particular things and get more intelligence about the topic. This serves your client as well as their customer better.