A chat support system on the shopping portal assists in giving its customers all the answers that they want while shopping on any particular website. Over the period of time live chat help has proved to be quiet beneficial for the staff and business.

There are several benefits of a live chat service as in today’s competitive world the facility of talking to a live person turns out to be an added advantage and a standout feature for any company. It is a private conferencing service that increases the customer satisfaction level. A live chat gives a customer all the answers to his/her questions in no time. Live chat button on the website page reassures a client that they have an easy access to a live person in case of any doubt. Live chat saves money, as it is the cheapest means to improve your sales without compromising too much on the quality.

It is important for any business to think about the needs and behavior of its client and inculcate many ways by which the customer support agent and the sales team can use the web chat help in the best possible way to make the customer happy. By offering web chat help a company is just providing a support channel for customers who might otherwise leave the shopping portal without any cart or without having any help option.

There are many benefits of a live chat support on the website and these are listed below:

1.     Multitasking and flexibility.

2.     Reduction in handling costs.

3.     Improved agent productivity.

4.     Increase in customer satisfaction scores.

5.     24×7 online support.

6.     Increase in sales.

90% of customers find a live chat very beneficial as they get their answers immediately and that too in the middle of any purchase which undoubtedly is an important feature for any website. According to a survey 77% of people consider an online chat support as an important tool as it is quiet helpful before making a purchase.

By giving timely help to the customer you can stop the customer from abounding the shopping journey and giving them an experience which they demand and make them visit the website time and again. Online shopping customers prefer to have a live chat over phone or e-mail as it saves their time and gives a quick option to choose their products. Live chat support helps to bridge the gap between the client and executive and the customer feels more valued and satisfied.