Is your website safe from Hackers?

The only answer to that is No. The ways you are going to build a website is custom code maybe, a high end and good CMS like WordPress and Jumla or an elementary website builder. There is no rocket science to build a website. And none to secure it either.

The only way by which as a developer or business owner you can protect your website is regular maintenance and continuous security checks. If you are a developer yourself, you will need to follow the Good Code practices and secure programming techniques in order to secure a website. If you have got your website made by someone else, then it is best to outsource maintenance and security to them given they offer you good services. If you have built one on a CMS on your own, then there are a bunch of things you could do.

1. Use an IP Logging mechanism:
An IP logging mechanism could be in the form of a plugin. This monitors traffic on your website and informs you of any malicious referral. There could be Denial of Service attacks against you which you need to handle first hand.

  1. Use a Login Two Factor: Get over passwords only, step up to using Two Factor authentication for all sorts of login, FTP, Website access online should be merged with Standard OTP or applications like DUO that can secure login.
  2. Use Captcha to avoid Bots:
    This does not need mention and is almost a regular practice today. No service likes bots trying to bruteforce login, clog the website and slow it down. For users registered, you must use captcha.
  3. Run Vulnerability Scanners:
    Once your website is up and running you must employ vulnerability scanners in order to find out vulnerabilities. This won’t fix them but will definitely give you a track to research.
  4. Website information Notifications: There are hundreds of services with which you can register your website that send you updates about your uptime and view time on a daily basis. So you know everyday how your website behaved.

These were some quick takeaways but the best suggestion about security is to outsource it to a pure security firm as the number of data breaches are increasing by the day and to handle every vulnerability on your own is a tedious task; in that manner you almost become a security firm yourself. There are plugins and companies doing all of this for you which you may customize according to your need.