Online image search is a major source of traffic to your website. Image search on Google is an important tool to find images on a wide variety of topics. The most relevant images on a particular topic shows up on the top pages of Google image results. Getting listed on the top SERPs can possibly send a lot of organic traffic to your website.

Popular search engines offer image, video and music searches. Hence it becomes imperative to tag your images and multi –media that will subsequently add to your search engine rankings. It is necessary to specify images on your website in a unique way and draw in some superior links so that your image reaches higher in Google rankings.


There are many useful techniques that can be applied to show your images in Google Image results. Firstly select a unique defining image for your website that is not copied from any other website. Such a unique image is able to pull natural links from other related websites.

While naming your images always put relevant and search engine friendly keywords in the file name. Use Alt tags with relevant keywords. Its always a good idea to describe your image with some text around the keywords. This helps in better placement of your image in Google image results for that specific query.

Page optimization is also important. Optimize the page that contains your image. Do not forget to include the relevant targeted keyword in the page title tag. Aim at developing quality back-links with keyword anchor text, both to the image and to the optimized page.

Image size is also an important aspect as it effects the download ability of your website and makes it less search friendly for the search bots. Make sure that the smallest size of the images are used which can give the desired level of image quality and impact. Use an image editing software to create the desired photo size and also prevent browser resizing of your posted image.

For better Google Image results sign in to Google webmaster tools and enable Google image search for your website. Use Google Image Labeler to write tags for your images that show up. Do not forget to check your Robots file. Make sure that you have not blocked the images folder form getting indexed by various search engine spiders. This ensures better search engine optimization and a greater traffic to your website.