Google Penalties, Sound fancy? It did seem interesting to me as well in the beginning. How is Google imposing penalties and what are these like, what is the fuss about? In order to go any further, it is first important to know what a Google Penalty actually is. It is basically the negative impact on a website’s search rankings based on updates to Google’s search algorithms and/or manual review.

In layman terms, if you do not follow the webmaster guidelines from Google your website can be penalised. It can result in considerable drop of rankings in a page or even the entire website. Google has been updating its algorithms and so have we been constantly writing about it, the situation today is such that you can be penalised primarily for two causes- using unacceptable means to increase site rankings or offering poor user experience.

When we say algorithmic or manual review, it refers to any new parameter or change that a new algorithm brings in or manual review of some unnatural links or associations found on your webpage. If you need to know in detail about the working of these penalties, you could go here (
Bloggers and website owners have concluded that more than 95% of Google penalties are because of the backlinks created on the website.

A few quick tips in order to avoid this problem:

1. Do not backlink other banned/penalised websites
2. Do not backlink websites with copied/duplicate content
3. Do not backlink to unrelated/spammy websites
4. Using hidden text/adult/gambling websites
5. Any other backlink which may violate Google Websmaster Policy
How to fix it once you have been penalised?

Once you are penalised you will see a considerable fall in traffic and your site rankings. In order to be sure, you could look up multiple tools available online. The flowchart here is a good starting point although not the ultimate solution to the problem.