You have a website, an amazing interface, great social presence, great SEO/SEM scores. But what are those metrics that help you determine the actual presence of your website? By comparison, bounce rate is one of the easiest and most convenient. Most simply, it is the percentage of website visitors who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

A high bounce rate, we say more than 65-70% is bad. The downsides are self explanatory, still to count:

  • Missed Sale opportunities
  • A low website memorization and popularity
  • Negative SEO effects
  • Low morale for your own business

Now there can be a number of reasons behind this:


Mismatched results: 

The instant user realization that what they were looking for is something totally different than what you are offering is a problem usually caused by search engines showing irrelevant results to the users. This can happen due to non accurate keywords, page titles or bad SEO. To read about how can we help you get over this problem see here.


Technical issues: 

Researches show that 40% of users abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Optimizing your website speed and graphics is an important part of your online presence. This is also going to include things like a decent navigation pattern, smart ad placements(if any) etc. Do we have a solution for this? Yes, see here.


Lack of support

You might have the best website, with greatest usability, awesome design and complete high-quality content. Still some people will not be able to find the page or information they are looking for (prices, conditions,etc). One cannot please everyone, ever.

However, if only people have access to support tools where they can ask or check for guidance, things work much much easier. And that is why Live Chat support is one of the best ways to solve this problem of a high bounce rate.

How can live chat support benefit you?


  1. Real engagement: 

When a face is attached to a website, when you feel someone from the company is talking to you to answer your queries and guide you, you are going to stay. Live chat services work like that. Within a fixed amount of time a chat request is going to be flashed to the user and the odds that he leaves are very low then.


  1. Live support:

Features like FAQs can help the purpose a little but when it comes to real time support there is nothing like Live Chat Support. One of the major reasons people opt out is the absence of content specific to their needs and as we highlighted earlier it is not possible to please everyone, every time.


  1. Guided Navigation

Your website might contain the best services and solutions but if there is no guidance and navigation to the particular pages, they all go to waste. Live chat support comes to rescue here as well. If you need to get users to end up buying a product or a service it is important that they are guided in the right direction.


  1. Better sales

When a new chat is triggered, the support operators know a lot about the user, even before he starts chatting. This information includes its Geo location, the device and browser being used, past history or even past relation with your business. Also, you can check who or which website referred this user. When he is connected you can even see his name and e-mail. To avoid a customer that just landed on your website from leaving, you can use all this information to provide an outstanding customer service.


Interestingly you don’t have to do all this by yourself. Look at Development Logics’ Live Chat Support Service here to know about how we can help you.