No matter how small or big your business is, if you are making these social media blunders, you must stop immediately or else your digital profile is in trouble. So, scroll down and check out:

  1. Not having a multi platform strategy: Having a social media account does not mean that you are good to reach your audience. Having accounts on social media, blogs, paid ads etc can help you gain the popularity but if you are not present at multiple platforms, you are surely missing the buzz. Moreover, your clients will not reach you, you will have to create social media strategies to reach the customers through the platforms they are comfortable. You must tailor posts according to the specific platforms and maintain your brand message.
  2. Buying fans and followers: Some people think buying followers and fans on Twitter and Facebook can make their pages look great and customers will be attracted to them. Well, this is just a big mistake one should avoid while handling the social media. Purchasing connections on social media is just wastage of money and time because these paid connections will never convert into leads and generate any business. Instead you must focus on making good relations with people by creating valuable engagements.
  3. Posting on social media and running away: This is one of the most common mistakes that people do. They broadcast messages on social media and run away. If you want to make a meaningful conversation and relation with the potential customers, you must stand and wait for the feedback after broadcasting any message. Encourage your audience to participate in the conversation, make the conversation in such a way that it helps in making the brand name better. Let your audience build a trust upon you and be there to answer the questions from your audience.
  4. Posting just Promotional Content: Here is another thing you are doing wrong and you must stop it. People are not interested in what your brand is doing and it never works. On social media people are looking for much more than just your promotional materials. So your strategy must have a mix of everything. The most common ratio that successful social media campaigns use is 80:20, where 80 is the percentage of posts which are full of knowledge, entertainment, news, current happenings regarding the niche and the remaining 20 percent is the business promotional material.
  5. Not making long term commitments: Most of the people create their accounts on various sites and they give up after a couple of weeks because they think it isn’t working. When it comes to social media success, you must remember one thing; Rome was not built in a day. Well, it takes time to make a reputation on social media and one should have patience and positive attitude. Be regular on social media, start interactions, give mentions, comment a lot and reply each comment on your account, thank people and show gratitude often and soon you will get success.