Quoted by Twitter on their website to “Grow your presence on Twitter” and to “Amplify your messages and promotions”, the micro blogging website earlier in September announced Self Service Ads Platform expansion. This expansion has scaled up straightaway from 33 countries to 200 countries now. In a post published on their official blog, Twitter has shared that now SMBs (Small and Medium Sized Businesses) can reach their target audience on twitter in 15 languages. And the interesting thing as focused on the website is also the fact that you pay only when people follow your Promoted Account or retweet, @reply, favourite or click on your Promoted Tweets. The post also unveiled the total number of advertisers on Twitter which is a 100,000 strong including SMBs.

Why Self Service Ads?

1. Ad Formats
Twitter offers card based Ads, cards that range from Website card to drive high quality traffic to your website to Lead Generation card that collects leads within a Tweet.

2. Targeted Ads
Interests, Location, Keyword, Device, Demographic and so many more parameters based on which you can target ads. If you sell nail paint, you are looking at selling it to females mostly so you may have a targeted ads campaign for women on twitter from India, or maybe even a narrower location could be chosen.


3. Analytics
With the Twitter activity dashboard you can measure performance and optimize costs accordingly. Audience insights within this framework help you to gather valuable insight about your followers and the people who have engaged with the content that you have shared.

Why in India now?
There’s an added reason as to why SMBs should start using Twitter to drive website traffic, attract conversions, leads, app installs and engagements etc. Facebook over the last eight years in India has won great hype but with time, Twitter is gaining good popularity among Indian users also. With privacy and data issues hovering the Cyber Space, people are going to like being more expressive with having to write less. This is what Twitter has been offering for long and it has been an odd couple of years since the Indian demographic has started noticing. So if you are a SMB, you might consider using Twitter now, or at the least build a presence.