With the increase of social media marketing, people have started making much of social media platforms. Social media platforms are being used by many ways, and one way to use social media effectively in marketing is by using it for advertisements.

Social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are becoming popular among the people these days. Both of the mediums provide benefits of creating your ad there and circulating all over. Though your ad preferences for both the cases will be different.

Below we’ll explore how both the platform differs and which proves to be better than the other.

When people use Facebook the adverts are shown along the side of the stories on both desktop and mobile. Basically, facebook allows you to get very specific by giving you an option of choosing your audience and you can choose audience for your adverts on the basis of age, gender, location, interests, even the languages they speak and so much more. Facebook ads are more visible on landing.

Facebook Ads are good for creating awareness via social media environment. Facebook adverts help you to drive sales by sending people to your website or app. They can help increase brand page likes and builds a community. And with the help of Facebook measurement tools, you can actually check how your adverts perform. By knowing your adverts performance, you can improve them for even more impact.

Overall, the Facebook Ads interface is quite easy and cool. It’s really effective in building brand recognition. Facebook is a place of fun and leisure. The mantra for Facebook Ads is not to become very serious in your ads and keep it simple.

LinkedIn adverts are only for professional circles as it is not a typical social network. Here, you can specify which LinkedIn members view your ads by selecting a target audience: by job title, job function, age, gender, industry, geography, company name, company size, or LinkedIn group. It is mainly focused on business connections, and so forth, marketers tend to think of it as B2B only. LinkedIn has a much smaller audience than Facebook.

LinkedIn self-service advertising platform offers the atmosphere very much alike to facebook, such as it allows you to design different types of ads, create logical groupings, define bids for specific campaigns, and measure performance with metrics such as impressions, clicks, and conversions.

LinkedIn Ads can display the same arrangement to Facebook Ads especially if the advertisement is targeted to a smaller more focused group that have seen it a few times. The advertisement copies and messaging will need to be tweaked frequently to ensure the clicks are optimized and the costs stay down.

The LinkedIn ad interface is not as visceral and easy to use as Facebook and the LinkedIn ads are a sort more hidden also.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, in terms of simplicity, Facebook is probably better than LinkedIn. Facebook can help building you community and lasting fans. People will like your business page and will interact with it. They will further go to your website.

Whereas, LinkedIn, is a bit far both on the admin side and in traffic conversion; it may give the better focus for certain business sectors or if you want to reach some very specific professional strata like executives in a certain sector. It’s main focus is on B2B community.

There’re a lot of strategies involved in advertising, which could take years to learn. And you can choose out of two according to your business type.