Development Logics’ CEO Varun Rattan Singh with Michael Kindahl, Area Sales Manager at Cale Access 

Sweden based, world’s leading provider of parking payment and enforcement system Cale in partnership with Development Logics, has installed two Smart Parking machines in the Dharamshala and is all set to mount more parking spaces with advanced and high tech solutions. 

Key features of Smart Parking:
• Highly accurate and wireless system
• Operates 24x7x365 without any hassle
• Complete utilization of space
• Easy accessibility of information regarding availability of parking space through mobile app
• Increase in revenue and decrease in the operational costs
• Easy solution to traffic congestion
• Reduction in the emission of CO2

Benefits of Smart Parking for users:

Effortless Parking: Drivers can get the best parking space for their vehicle and save a lot of effort and time. Space can be used in better and efficient way by the companies dealing with parking space.
Cutting down traffic on road: The flow of traffic will up surge, as a result, there will be less number of vehicles driving on the roads.
Less pollution: People burn a lot of fuel while searching for parking it adds to the vehicle emission and creates pollution. If the issue of parking is sorted, there will be less pollution.
Seamless parking solution: Smart Parking offers seamless solutions because right from the payment to the identification of the space available, location and search of parking is all handy and as easy as using any other application on your mobile.
Safety: Smart Parking helps in preventing spacious activities and violation of laws through the availability of CCTV cameras and recognition of License plates. It also reduces the chances of accidents while parking spot searching and thefts related to cars.

Benefits of Smart Parking for owners:

  • Revenue generation: Be it a government or private company dealing with parking lots, there are many new streams of revenue which can be generated through Smart Parking systems. Parking lot owners can offer schemes and discounts for people who park their vehicles with them on monthly basis or for a long time. Reward programs can also be introduced for such customers. It will encourage more people to take the subscriptions.
  • Cashless parking service: Parking lot owners can have the complete knowledge of income through the revenue generated through mobile payments or through POS. This will give a transparency in the profit and the owner can easily check the accounts anytime.
  • Access to real time data: This will help the owners to make improvements in making more space for parking and they will also get the insights of the parking trends. Since everything will be computerized, there will be no chance of the workers cheating the owner.
  • Decrease in the cost of labor: Since machines will be doing the major hard work, the owner can cut the cost of labors and enjoy the benefits of the automated job, which will be more accurate and less expensive.
  • Building brand image: By offering the seamless services of technology packed and cutting edge parking, the major issue of traffic will be solved and the parking owners can build their brand image among locals and tourists.

Who can take the Smart Parking Services of Development Logics?

  • Shopping Malls: Finding a parking space in and around shopping malls is a freaking task, and if it is a weekend, there is a big chaos near the shopping malls. If Smart parking is provided in such a place, it will not only generate more revenue but will help in managing the parking space.
  • Private Companies: Most of the private companies have their own parking space, however, if it is managed in a better way, there will be less tension.
  • Parking Lots: Be it a private or a government run parking lot, there are many perks of managing the space and getting the accurate data related to the revenue generated through parking.
  • Hospitals: Hospital parking is mostly occupied by the doctors and it is tough for the visitors to find a space to park their vehicle. If Smart Parking is applied to hospitals, the major issue of car parking will be solved.
  • Government Offices: In government offices, there are many visitors coming every day and parking their vehicles is a big time task. Smart Parking can really solve this issue.
  • Educational Institutes: Everyone is aware of the parking issues of educational institutes and the solution for the problem is Smart Parking. It will not only help in managing the parking space but will help in maintaining and using the space smartly.