The Indian IT-BPO that handles 56% of the world’s entire BPO services has over the years shaped up as a dynamic, knowledge-oriented and opportunity creating sector and has seen a very promising growth. BPO sector is still growing and as it matures organizations are getting increasingly focused around “responsible business” while addressing ever-increasing employment costs in urban areas.

The IT-BPO industry is expected to add 1,80,000 new employees this year and not just the private sector but the government has also taken some interest in facilitating the growth of rural IT BPO in order to achieve the targeted numbers. One of the problems in the rural areas is of creating opportunity and that is what Development Logics in the Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh has been able to and is continuing to do also. With 6 years of grassroots experience and serving, the company has emerged to be a success story of its own kind. The concept of bringing jobs to people over people to jobs has been highlighted enough as the tool for modern day development.

The motto of Logics is also to train people, empower them and in the course of employment make them ready for not just a “job” that they bring to the people but any job that there can be based on their skill set. The rural BPO industry has seen some success stories and Development Logics is one of them. Development Logics handles live chat support and Business Marketing outsourcing jobs from around the globe. These jobs create employment opportunities for local residents and youth strengthening them and the whole surrounding’s economy.

The challenge with the rural BPOs has been of scalability and that Development Logics has also very well handled by distributing and channelizing the work that they bring. Since their inception in 2009, they have had clients from not just the nation but from all across nations. Snapdeal has very recently outsourced IT services for the first ever E-commerce zone( in India to Development Logics. This has been done to create job opportunities for qualified local youth and to widen their exposure to national business scenarios. This latest development has created a buzz around the city and is definitely attracting more and more youth to enhance their skill set for these jobs.

Things are never easy with lack of resources and infrastructure topping all odds. But there are these challenges definitely and with every day that passes they have to addressed and looked at very carefully to make greater inroads for the future.