With more than 1 billion users on WhatsApp by now, and many new users joining it every day, WhatsApp has become worth considering when it comes to marketing a business. Your business can stand out on this platform effortlessly and it is the time you should start working on it.

Why to choose WhatsApp for marketing your business:

There are many reasons you should start focusing on choosing WhatsApp for taking your business to another level, here are few to mention-

  • WhatsApp is free of cost
  • You can send pictures, brochures, catalogues, URLs, ebooks and text messages containing your business profiles
  • You can ask for the feedback from your clients right away.
  • It can be used for meetings and discussions in groups.
  • You can send alerts regarding the upcoming events or sales.
  • Your messages will not be lost, moreover you can check if your message is delivered and read.


Smart advertisers have already started using it and you too can capitalize on this smart application.

Below mentioned are few creative ideas you can use for marketing your business on WhatsApp:

  1. Create broadcasts: You can create a list according to the categories of your business and then send broadcast messages with just a push. It will help you increase engagement and you can reach your audience directly.
  2. Make better use of group chats: It is an interactive feature of WhatsApp where you can create groups and chat with many people in a single go. While doing the market studies before launching a product, it is one of the perfect ways.
  3. Reach international audience: In order to take your business global, you can use WhatsApp and promote your business among the international audience without any extra effort or money.
  4. Use it for customer support: WhatsApp is an instant messenger with which you can connect to your customers and provide them instant support. It is compatible with phone devices as well as desktop and your customers can easily reach you. Also, if your customers ask for more information, you can always make a WhatsApp call which is similar to any other call, but free of cost.
  5. Create quality content for WhatsApp: Just like any other digital media platform, you can create quality content for WhatsApp and reach your customers with engaging posts. You can keep the length of the text according to your choice; there is no restriction like Twitter’s 140 characters.
  6. Develop a good relation with your customers: You can share your WhatsApp number on your website and other social networking platforms and let the customer reach you directly. You can make a good relationship with your customers through this platform.


Apart from these easy and creative ideas, you need a strategy to share content and make it a successful campaign. You must have an understanding of the platform and how it can be used with a proper plan. Once you are good to go, you can make a successful marketing using WhatsApp for business. Try it and enjoy a meaningful engagement with your followers.