Content marketing has been the buzzword in the online space for a quite a long time now. As a matter of fact, it is still hot. Whether content or not is not the question, the purpose of media and information created online for marketing is to attract people and get them to buy your product or service, or at the least stay on your page for sometime. So what really can achieve this target?

This question has given rise to the debate on Content vs. Advertising. Often today, websites are built to “fit” in advertisements, Blog posts are also written in the same manner. The industry has kind of understood that Content and Advertising have to go hand in hand but it does not mean that Content has lost its Kingship.

Here is what is needed in the content and marketing space today:

1. Original and Unbiased Content: 85% of the consumers regularly or occasionally seek expert content when considering a purchase. This means that people read in detail or in short, however, they need summarized and expert takes on products and services. It has been highlighted predominantly that this type of content creates trust and the application of trust in a business does not need mention.

2. Don’t Kill Adverts: 
The importance of content does not undermine the need for advertising as well. It has also been established that user need based ads has generated good traffic. Again it is important here to kill the irrelevant stuff and hold on to quality ads.

3. Quick sale or Old School?
Advertisements definitely generate those quick sales that sometimes are needed. But are the quick sales all that we need today? For a consumer to be able to trust on your brand, it takes a lot more today because there are people who focus on both sides of the coin. It will not be wrong to say that while advertisements are the loaders, businesses need to content to back up the customer’s experience at every stage through a purchase journey.

4. Say it or Show it off: Both things have their own fallout; nonetheless, both are important too. Ultimately, this is what the debate between two marketing giants comes down to. Content is to say it, advertising is to show it off. Without showing it off, content can live there for ages even with good SEO and with having nothing to say, there is no point of showing anything off.