Benefits of working in the Hills

Imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping and fresh zephyr wafting in through the open window. Running, cycling or even walking down to the office…regularly. I am not talking about some impossible fantasy but rather benefits of working in the hills!


The reasons why hills are better than city life cannot be reiterated enough:

  • Better environment: It is an undisputed fact with an almost pollution free life the air and water in the hills are purer as compared to that in cities (especially tier 1 cities). Fresh air and pure water are the keystones to a healthier body. Better work environment in hills leads to better concentration and focus. Add to it the fact that you get a free, more intense cardio exercise done whenever you walk on the face of the hill against gravity!!
  • Fresher vegetables and fruit:It is a universally acknowledged fact that the fresher fruit or vegetables are the more intact their basic nutrients stay. Plus, less time spent in transit would translate into cheaper produce. Not to mention the visual appeal and the fresh aroma emanating from the kitchen!
  • Low cost of living: The hills will any day beat the cities as far as the cost of living is considered. A large chunk of the budget that is usually allocated for paying either the EMI or home rent can easily come down in the hills. Not to mention the school fees and such other expenses.
  • Closer knit society: Relaxed ambience and more free time allow people to be closer to each other. Having people to share your happiness and sorrows with improves the psychological well being and provides friends for life.
  • More personal time: The greatest luxury of our times is perhaps time to do what you want to do. Low commute time and proximity to all things important save time that is otherwise lost. This time can then be spent cultivating a hobby or simply resting!!
  • Opportunity to make a difference: If you work professionally in hills, possibility is that you are self employed. Rationale being Indian hill cities do not have major MNCs or corporate set ups in such cities. This allows you a chance to be an employer and opportunity provider. There would be freedom to get things done your way.

Simply put, a life in hills provides for better health, you get a bang for your buck. The chances are you will be able to move towards self actualization due to more personal time, richer social life and opportunity to make a difference. With the latest development in IT – you can still move forward with the world while living in you green haven. These are a few reasons why life in hills is better than city life.

Article by: Swati Barthwal Tailwal