The system of managing attendance is efficient only if it is real-time. It requires quick access and fixes by the employees & managers, instead of having the hassles every month end.  The automated attendance management system works on all facets with effortlessness and effectiveness. Any organization which is using the AMS experiences the delight of seamless integration when it comes to attendance, leave (vacation) and payroll. It not only helps in cutting the expenses but impacts the production and profits.

There are many benefits of having an automated attendance management system, listed below are just few to mention.

Reliable and accurate: As per the traditional method, employees used to report their work hours manually. This process had many loopholes like sometimes employees forget to log in the correct timings and there are occasions when the employees misuse the system and give incorrect inputs. However, having an automated attendance management system helps in keeping the accurate and reliable data.

Improved efficiency: Keeping the track of the traditional manual attendance is a clumsy task and calculating the work fee for employees becomes an issue. There are chances of error and moreover it is a tedious task. With the help of automated attendance management the task can be made simple and easy. It improves the efficiency and productivity of the organization.

Cost effective: Getting automated attendance management system helps in cost cutting and it is one time investment and you don’t have to pay a human for doing this task. Moreover you get error free report without wasting time.

Better regulatory fulfillment:

Attendance Management system is flawless and it gives you accurate data regarding the exact work hours, leaves and net amount to be paid to the employees. It gives enough information required for regulatory compliance against the employees.

Top Attendance Management Systems:

Keka for HR & Payroll: Keka Timesheet Management System offers complete Timesheet capabilities required for keeping a track of Client & Project hours. Plus it gives complete integration to the leaves, time & attendance.

greytHR: greytHR is one of the most favored time tracking software for businesses. It works in the areas including HR, management of the payrolls, leave and attendance.

PeopleStrong Alt: PeopleStrong Alt is not only an AMS but it gives compelling HR solutions in cloud including outsourcing of recruitment process, talent acquirement, a tracking system for applicants, and a complete solution to the timesheet management, leave and attendance.

Paywell Payroll Software: Paywell payroll software gives the exact data regarding the earnings, subtractions, loans (if any), plus the other statutory configurations. When you install the paywell software according to your time attendance system in accordance to the leave policy, overtime and other rules with the Master data, you can get the results with just a single click.

CuckooTech: CuckooTech is the first AMS to crack the Gamification code plus it offers best employee engagement & one hundred percent state wise statutory.