Advantages of joining Co-working Space in Dharamshala  

Group of Business People Working on an Office Desk

If you are a freelancer or a startup working from home, you totally understand that your workplace affects your efficiency. Your work productivity depends on the environment in which you work. With freelancing and entrepreneurship becoming a hot career choice, these days people are always looking for a workplace, which is innovative and has a relaxed environment unlike the traditional offices. Mostly, freelancers and startups are low on budget and creating their own workspace is not possible. So, these days, co-working has become a popular trend worldwide.  

It was year 2005, when Brad Neuberg, came up with co-working. According to him, he wanted, “a workspace that combines the freedom of working for yourself with the community and creativity of a traditional job”. It is such a great concept, that people from all across the globe are jumping into it.

Following the cool concept we are also offering a co-working space in Dharamshala at Development Logics. So, if you are a traveler who wants to spend a long time in Dharamshala, a freelancer or a start-up owner (fed up of the tag “working from home”) you can switch to “working from Co-working Space” with us.  Take the advantage of this trend and enjoy the benefits of co- working space. Apart from offering an efficient work environment, building contacts and cost cutting there are many perks you get with Co-working space. Scroll down to check the few:

1: You can build your network:  Even if you are a small business owner you can understand how difficult it is to make a network. However, when you will start working from a Co-working space, you will meet other professionals and you can exchange your contacts and build your network.

2: Cost Cutting: As a freelancer and start-up or any fresh entrepreneur, you know how important it is to maintain the budget and manage finances. A co-working space offers a lot of cost-cutting because you share the space, internet, meeting room and furniture. You will have your own office and you can make a good impression on your clients by making a really small investment.

3: Increase your work productivity: Working from a co-working space has this really very interesting benefit. When you work from home, you are distracted a lot, because you are the only person and you take forever to finish a task. However, when you are working from a co-working space, there is a feeling of competition. You definitely feel more motivated when you see people working all around. This professional environment will definitely motivate you and will help you in being more productive.

4: Hanging out with like minded people: You can hang out with like minded people while working. You can learn a lot of things from each other while having your lunch or coffee together.

5: Help each other: The work culture of co-working spaces is cool and people are ready to help each other. Everyone has their own expertise and it can be beneficial. Helping each other is a benefit of working in a co-working space. For example, you are good at one thing, but stuck in another, you can barter your service for something which you want to get fixed.

We are offering co-working space in Dharamshala, if you are interested, please feel free to visit us or contact us.