Digital marketing is undoubtedly the most critical factor for the success of an online business. Following these advanced tips, marketers can maximize visitors’ time on their websites and eventually increase sale conversions.

1.) Right Content Marketing Mix
Adjust the overall length and format of your website content that appeals to different kinds of readers and increases time on website and conversions. Intersperse your content with short, informative blog posts as well as videos and info graphics. Master the art of headline /tagline writing as even the most comprehensive blog posts go unnoticed without a powerful headline.

2.) Website design and Development
Ensure that your website is accessible and compatible with a variety of devices including desktops laptops, tablets and smart phones. Your website is easy to load and has a higher uptime. Also make sure that image file sizes, page structure and functionality of third party plugins are all optimized.

3.) Engaging on Social Media Platforms and Industry Forums
Use various social media channels to promote your content through web links. Twitter is an ideal medium for short and tempting web links. If you belong to a B2B niche,Google+ can help your site show up in personalized search results. A B2C online shopping website can benefit from image based sites such as Pinterest and Instagram which have a huge number of users. Participate actively in community discussions with your industry relevant hashtags and engage your social media audience through Q& A sessions.

4.) On –Page SEO
Optimizing your website for on-page SEO helps you boost your organic traffic. Writing meta descriptions is also important as it helps the search engines to index your website. Creating internal links not only helps in SEO but also enhances the overall user experience which is the corner stone of increasing time on website and the conversion rate. Do not forget to target long-tail keywords that account for a majority of internet searches.

5.) Guest Blogging
Secure a guest post on a reputable website can increase blog traffic on your own website and creates brand awareness. Also invite guest bloggers in your niche to blog on your website that brings new readers to your website, maximizing time on website and conversions. Post actively on informative industry blogs and provide meaningful links as way to get large website traffics.

6.) Interviewing Leaders from your Niche Industry
Send out emails requests to industry leaders and publish their inspiring interviews on your website blog. The credibility of these leaders boosts up your organic traffic.

7.) E- mail Marketing
E-mail marketing results in a significant uptick in website traffic. An updated friendly e-mail reminder about your new product or service can help you boost your website traffic as your existing customers do the word of mouth marketing .

8.) Analytics and Competitor Data
Google analytics gives invaluable insights about your most popular pages and visitors demographics. Use this data for formulating your content that in turn maximizes time on website and conversions. Tools like BuzzSumo analyze the social performance of your competitor websites and provide insights about the current trends on social media. This helps in emulating that right kind on content to increase website time and conversions.