If you are interested in this article, I can understand, you struggle to get people to your website. No matter how interesting your content is, you get the feeling that people don’t read your content. Well, there is nothing new; we all go through this phase. Don’t worry, since, it is just a phase, it will pass and you will definitely enjoy server-crushing traffic.

There is no limit to the ways to boost traffic on your website; however, if you try something new, it will definitely help you in getting massive page views. So here we start:

Remarkable tips on increasing web traffic:

  1. Make a resources page on your website: If you want to get instant traffic to your posts, one of the best ways is to create a resource page with good things about the influential people, blogs, business etc. that you have a high regard for. People love to read good things about themselves and that can bring attention to your content. For making this happen, you can either thank people, companies, others which have motivated you or supported you in your journey. You can also mention and feature them as what makes them special or just review products that you use and tell the world why they are outstanding. Once you are done, make sure to share it with the people you have included in the post on all the social media platforms.
  2. Make sure to post your blog content on Medium: If you are not aware of Medium, you must create an account and start re posting your blog posts there and connect your Medium account with Twitter . It is great platform with more than 60 million readers a month. That is a big amount! And you will have a chance to present your content to keen readers who are looking for fresh and creative posts.
  3. Make good use of QR codes: It is as simple as ctrl c and ctrl v. You can start with creating a page on your site and simply paste the url of your articles on the QR code generator and you are done.
  4. Don’t forget the power of StumbleUpon: StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking website since many years and with time, it is getting stronger. Use the power of it and make your content available to readers. It will give you a steady traffic if you are consistent in your work.
  5. Utilize the expert contribution to your content: Start featuring experts and social media influencers in your post. Create a list of some influencers related to your industry and feature them on your blog. Shoot it on your social media, tag them and see the result.
  6. Be active on Quora: The question answer site Quora is quite popular and if you want to grab some attention, you must be active on it. There are millions of curious people on the site and by showing your contribution; you can surely get more traffic on your website.