6 Tips to successful LinkedIn Articles

The buzz since 2014, LinkedIn had opened the publishing platform for all users which has helped them showcase content and improve their professional credibility as well as reliability. Unfortunately many users are still thriving but in vain to gain the visibility that they need.

To publish articles on LinkedIn it is important to keep up with new content majorly because of the fact that this network is dynamic at all levels. You must have it thought out that what type of content would work best for you on LinkedIn if you wish to reach where you plan.

But then how to really write a great LinkedIn Article?

Buffer has published a report which proves that LinkedIn sends nearly four times more people to your website than twitter and facebook. It is not a win win for social shares but a winner by miles for website traffic.


A few tips for writing LinkedIn articles:

1. Keep your audience in mind while you write:

It’s not about what you know alone when it comes to writing articles; It needs to be coupled with what your audience is interested to read about. Once you have that figured, the key to writing a great LinkedIn article is not out of the world vocabulary but words and figures your audience can understand and relate to.

2. Be short and consistent:

Users generally are looking for a quick read, sometimes interesting, informative and entertaining. It is important to tailor your article to about 800 words limit.

Slow and steady or quick and restless, there is no success without consistency. Once a day, a week or a month, post as frequently as you think your business needs but if you pick a schedule you must stick to it. Experiment with your publishing days and see what works for you.

3. Use a list format: it works

Just like this one a list format in your article always helps you get more reads and gives your audience very particular takeaways. They are going to remember things easy and they are definitely going to come back again.

4. Try to engage users with a P.S.

Ask a question or seek an opinion and this works too. It is always pleasing to feel that one is reading something that was written for them. The more people connect with you via comments, the better. Here it is important that to not stop at getting users to comment, replying to their comments and talking to them is important at the same time.

5. Put visuals that look good:

Adding an image, a small graphic or an infographic that sums up something useful that you have to say always helps you get more attention. Visuals will show in users’ feeds quicker and better than any other stuff.

6. Headline is half the catch:

Nobody reads an article that has a boring and a long headline. Again, the key is to keep it short, attractive, simple and give people a reason to click through.