India has crossed the 350 million mark in the number of Internet users. If your business isn’t online today, you must rethink your claim to sell again. And if your business is online, you need to start working on getting noticed. If you are at the startup stage in your venture, odds are that you want to get some traffic, some attention anyhow and feel good about it. Who doesn’t? Getting noticed doesn’t mean that you go after peoples’ lives to buy your product or service, or that you get published in articles.

Well, it builds on a lot of important stuff; some of which I would like to talk about today:

1. Analyse your market properly (Please) : The simplest explanation to this statement is that you need to know where your market lies. For example the country, specific area, age group, gender or maybe even the type of your product. Cross platform presence is important but in the process you should always stick closer to the service that boosts up your business and traffic.

2. Set up shop, Everywhere: Now this means to have an account on all social media networks. If you are catching up properly from the last point, go on, otherwise read the first once and come back to this. Let us consider a situation: You have an online business where you sell Sarees only. You should be on twitter, but is it really going to get you the business you want? Statistically speaking India has a tremendous amount of the population using Instagram these days which makes Instagram the better choice for the reason also that it is rather easier to showcase your content on Instagram than on Twitter. People open Instagram with the wish to only “see” nice pictures of their friends, some photographer and then the stuff they can buy.

3. Referrals and Rewards: Doesn’t matter if you are new or old, this scheme has shown results in both business and loyal customers. What you could do is ask people to share your page on any network or like it. These special people you could offer an introductory 10% discount on the service or product or maybe send them a freebie. In this way you will not just get your business noticed but also create loyal customers.

4. Keep your tech together: Sitemaps, Crawl errors and Indexes though go beyond the scope of this post yet are very crucial to the working of your website. They practically have a joke going around that if you want to hide something put it on the page 2 results of a Google Search. You want to be on that page 1 and you get noticed.

5. None has surpassed Content: Create content, not boring, long yet highly rich content. But anything shareable and what people would like to read, listen to or watch. Needles to say there have to creative videos, infographics and maybe even discussion forums where you can share how to’s and other important content.

6. Advertise: Who doesn’t take a look at the adverts while scrolling down the Facebook App? Advert campaigns for your business take care that people in the demographic that you select get to see those ads about your products, or to like your page. A comprehensive advert campaign can either be self initiated or outsourced to be made efficient.