Social media management has become an integral part of a brand’s online presence. Managing an increasing online presence is a full –time endeavor that requires an effective social media management strategy. Digital marketers have realized that an increasing number of customers use social media to express and share their experiences about the brands that they buy.

Popular social media management platforms are indexed by popular search engines. Advanced digital technology has made management of digital business easier with fast communication with prospective customers. The use of advanced technology also helps in managing social media accounts easily across various social media platforms.

The best social media management tools in the form of plug-ins and apps helps in creating and managing various social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. These tools ensure timely scheduling of posts across various platforms and also help in finding out the recommendations for your brand name and also the trends in your industry domain.

These social media management tools allow in real-time responses to customer queries and help in adopting a coherent social strategy across various social media networks. Here are 5 tools that make your social media management easier.

1.) Buffer-
Managing multiple platforms such as Facebbook,LinkedIn,Twitter and Google+.It also offers interesting analytics about the performance and impact of each post which helps in improving your brand’s online presence. The best use of this tool is to share and post content by adding browser extension,or using Tablet and Smartphone application or directly visiting their site to schedule your postings. The free membership can be upgraded to paid with just $ 10 per month and as many as 12 social profiles can be managed adding up to two members to your account.

2.) Hootsuite-
It is one of the most popular SM tool available both for individuals and businesses and is used worldwide by top brands. It offers a simple web based dashboard that helps in scheduling posts, managing conversations, monitoring the competition through analytics and generation of reports. It has a’’Hootlet for the most common browsers that makes posting easy. It offers both free and paid memberships with managing of upto two profiles on the free membership and up gradation to paid membership with just $ 9.99 per month.

3.) Sprout Social –
This tool helps in managing multiple social platforms at one place. This tool is differentiated from other tool by an important feature which is an “Inbox”where all important messages are received. “Add Keyword” is another powerful feature that helps in tracking all your brand mentions.This tool also offers an excellent analytics service in the Report section where one can create data reports on the engagement and trends. This tool offers both free and paid memberships. Free memberships can be availed for short trial period that also offers Analytics application.

4.) Flipboard-
It is another SM tool that is free to use and agreegates social sites such as Instagram,Facebook,Twitter, Tumblr ,Flickr etc.This tool has an easy user friendly interface which allows easy communication across various social networks and also allows an easy streaming of videos,news and links from other social networking sites.

5.) SocialBro –
Twitter has 284 million active users and organizations across industry verticals use Twitter to generate brand awareness and connect with prospective customers. SocialBro is a powerful SM tool if Twitter is your target social platform. This tool offers 4 main features such as Targeting,Engagement ,Management and Analytics.The analytical report generated by SocialBro can complement SM campaigns on Hootsuite and Buffer boosting your digital marketing campaigns. SocialBro has a free version and 4 paid options which include Basic,Professional,Business and Enterprise which offer powerful features based upon different types of usage.