In the digital world today, building an online presence for yourself is very important and this process can be fairly time consuming and often, frustrating. But that does not diminish the need for having a content management and creation strategy.

To begin with, building a presence online, like offline is not going to happen fortnightly and like in the physical space it is important to let people find you, interact with you, get to know you and trust you above all.

If you are confused really about where to start from, don’t worry, you have started very well. There is a lot of ground work needed from setting up profiles here and there, building a website and figuring a lot of stuff out. To help you with it in an easy way, let us break it down to a few points

1. Estimate your goals properly:

It is important for any business to have clear cut short and long term goals. And along with these goals you also need to have those markers where you reach and confirm that you’re a step ahead towards those goals. Don’t just build an online presence for the very name of it, do it strategically so as to achieve the small and the big picture of your business. An important part of this approach is to break down processes into small steps that are measurable. Like: Research, Analysis, Design, Audience, Strategy, Maintenance etc.

2. Your Website is very crucial:

You need to have a solid platform for the content you share. Whether an entrepreneur or an established firm, the online face is the website. Your website is like a hub, people will learn about you here, know what you have to offer, know what you think and then get in touch with you. Involve a clear cut navigation, to the point messages that describe your business, a contact page and an about page is a must. SEO is an important part to complete the big picture too. (Read about Our SEO Services here

3. The Email is not dead yet:

Much traffic can also be achieved by using Emails as a means to communicate. Email marketing can still be considered as effective and affordable enough to drive sales. Email strategies like an active newsletter or a Biannual online journal can still be a great way to retain customers.

4. Social Presence is above all today:

Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Quora, Pininterest, Google+, Tumblr and Reddit still make up to be the best free places for your business to breathe but there are a lot of paid and amazing services once you are ready to invest. Remember here that being social does not mean that you should be present everywhere and post everyday. Consistency again is the key. If you are not able to manage your social media channels by posting consistently then it is going to be very hard to sustain that presence.

5. Build Relationships:

Via blogs and using the basic how to’s of digital marketing it is important to build an audience for yourself that reads stuff that you put up on your website or social handles. Content marketing is important today but anything without building good professional relationships by personally engaging with people is a better sell off.