Pinterest is an emerging social media platform that enables sharing of ideas and images. As the name suggests your Pinterest profile is your “Pin board” wherein you collect and display various items based upon your ideas for your followers to see. Pinterest serves as an intelligent medium for the business promotion of your products and services and executing real-time interactions with your customers.

Pinterest serves as an excellent social medium for online business promotion as this surpasses geographical barriers and time zones bringing together like minded people from across the globe based upon their unique interests. Pinterest emphasizes on posting images and videos that can be shared using the Pin It Button or the Pinterest bookmark.

How to use Pinterest for business is the obvious question. Here are some of the ways to make Pinterest work for you.

Tip #1 –As Pinterest works upon visual images, do not forget to post great visual content on your pin board that work wonders for your online marketing. Give unique titles to your Pin boards that truly reflect what services your prospective customers are interested in.

Tip #2- Using a user generated Pin board is always a great idea, as this allows your prospective customers to post their own pins to your Pinboards.The images posted by the users can be well utilised as the customer testimonials as to how your product has impacted their lives for the betterment.

Tip# 3- Pinterest can be used as a marketing tool that helps gain insights into the interests and specific needs of you customers by following and interpreting their pin ups that help you grow your business.

Tip # 4- Add your web links to your pin-ups that help in recognizing the traffic diverted from Pinterest and striking the right chord with your potential customers. New widgets are designed to attract more traffic to your Pin boards and profiles that enhances your brand awareness.

Tip # 5- Pin It Up daily from your own website or from varied other neighbourhood sources that builds up your credibility in the minds of your prospective customers. This not just creates your brand awareness but also helps in avoiding overtly promotion of just your own services that is not well accepted by the online buying community.

Tip # 6- Pinterest serves as an ideal medium for a photo contest as it is all visual. Create an innovative photo contest where the customers can “Pin Up” their photos of how your product or service has affected their lifestyles. It is the best possible means of customer participation wherein you completely understand their expectations and get their valuable feedbacks for a better product development.

Tip # 7- The best you can do is employing Pinterest for business marketing. Pinterest is the best tool for market research. Clicking on the followers one can get the complete insights about their age groups, gender and even about the other boards that they follow that is helpful in targeting the niche buyers for your products and services and improving your own Pinboards.You can even find a follower who had pinned your business information an year ago and Re-Pin that information again that helps spread your pins again.

Tip # 8 – Using Info graphics is the latest trend on Pinterest today. Info graphics enables packing a lot of valuable information easily that is easy for the followers to interpret, conveying the right information at the right time.

Tip #9 – Pinterest is the most effective social medium to enhance your e-mail list. The trick is to offer an irresistible freebie along with the subscription to your e-mail list. This can be easily endorsed on your Pin Boards.

Tip # 10- Last but not the least, combine the power of YouTube marketing with Pinterest creates some important back links for your business.